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Bill Gates - Makes Cannabis a Medicine Last Updated on 2017-09-20 13:55:09 Forbes  |  by Janet Burns For The Past 12 Years, Bill Gates Did What The FDA Won't: He Made Cannabis A Medicine In 2005, Bill Gates had a life changing meeting with veterans of the War in Afghanistan through the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation. Ever since hearing their stories that day, Gates has set out to find the safest, most effective form of medicinal cannabis for treating the conditions of former solders and others, and to bring that product to the masses. After 12 years of non-stop research and advocacy, those goals are finally in hand..... Gates, whose company recovers CBD from cannabis plants using the 'green method' of supercritical fluid extraction (SFE) with C02 ... Cannabinoid, or CBD, is a miracle product that everyone has been using to Completete various conditions, including chronic pain, anxiety, nausea, rheumatoid arthritis,... More »
Cannabis for Arthritis Pain Last Updated on 2017-07-18 17:56:26 Medical Marijuana Arthritis is a medical condition, one that affections millions of people in America and commonly involves both pain and inflammation of a person's joints as well as restricting their motion.   There are two main forms of arthritis - rheumatoid arthritis and osteoarthritis. A person's immune system might be a major cause of rheumatoid arthritis. When a person's immune system is not working appropriately, instead of fighting off viruses or bacteria it may start targeting and attacking their entire body. Ultimately, the person's bones start to become worn away or eroded. Rheumatoid arthritis is common among baby boomers, those who are aging, and seniors. Arthritis is not; however, something strictly associated with age or aging - it has the potential to affect anyone despite their particular age. Another form of arthritis is osteoarthritis, a... More »
Rheumatoid Arthritis and CBD Last Updated on 2017-07-18 17:47:10 Rheumatoid arthritis (RA) is an inflammatory disease of the joints characterized by pain, stiffness, and swelling, as well as an eventual loss of limb function. Rheumatoid arthritis is estimated to affect about one percent of the population, primarily women. Use of cannabis to treat symptoms of RA is commonly self-reported by patients with the disease. In a 2005 anonymous questionnaire survey of medicinal cannabis patients in Australia, 25 percent reported using cannabinoids to treat RA.[1] A survey of British medical cannabis patients found that more than 20 percent of respondents reported using cannabis for symptoms of arthritis.[2] Nevertheless, few clinical trials investigating the use of cannabis for RA appear in the scientific literature. In January 2006, investigators at the British Royal National Hospital for Rheumatic Disease reported successful treatment of arthritis... More »
CANNABIS AND ARTHRITIS Last Updated on 2017-07-18 17:42:23 AmericansForSafeAccess More than 31 million Americans suffer from arthritis. There are two main types of arthritis: rheumatoid arthritis and osteoarthritis. Both affect the joints, causing pain and swelling, and limiting movement. Rheumatoid arthritis (RA) is caused by a malfunction of the immune system. Instead of fighting off intruders such as bacteria or viruses, the body attacks the synovial membranes, which facilitate the movement of joints, eventually destroying cartilage and eroding bones. Rheumatoid arthritis is most common among the aged, whose immune systems are no longer as robust or efficient as they were when younger. Osteoarthritis (OA), or arthritis of the bones, is also found primarily among the elderly, where cartilage has been worn away through many years of use. Arthritis may also manifest as chronic inflammation of the joints as the result of injuries. OA is the... More »
Medical Abstract - CBD & Inflammation Last Updated on 2017-07-13 17:08:59 2016 Nov 24;7:559. eCollection 2016. Cannabidiol Modulates the Immunophenotype and Inhibits the Activation of the Inflammasome in Human Gingival Mesenchymal Stem Cells. Libro R1, Scionti D1, Diomede F2, Marchisio M3, Grassi G4, Pollastro F5, Piattelli A2, Bramanti P1, Mazzon E1, Trubiani O2. Author information Abstract Human Gingival Mesenchymal Stem Cells (hGMSCs) are multipotential cells that can expand and differentiate in culture under specific and standardized conditions. In the present study, we have investigated whether in vitro pre-treatment of hGMSCs with Cannabidiol(CBD) can influence their expression profile, improving the therapeutic potential of this cell culture. Following CBD treatment (5 μM) for 24 h, gene expression analysis through Next Generation Sequencing (NGS) has revealed several genes differentially expressed between CBD-treated hGMSCs (CBD-hGMSCs) and... More »